Our Team

The Koester Pavilion and SpringMeade Health Center teams work together with one aim: to provide patients and residents high quality care that improves quality of life and well-being, and enables them to live as independently and safely as possible.

Our team members and their roles include:

Medical Director: Coordinates and oversees resident care and implements and evaluates policies and quality initiatives related to resident care. Serves as the patient or resident’s attending physician and oversees other attending physicians and nurse practitioners.

Rehabilitation Medical Director: Coordinates and oversees physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology services for rehabilitation patients.

SpringMeade Rehabilitation Medical Director: (937) 332-8843(937) 332-8843

Administrator: Is responsible for the overall direction and coordination of facility operations to assure quality resident care.

Koester Pavilion Administrator: (937) 440-5101(937) 440-5101
SpringMeade Administrator: (937) 506-2703(937) 506-2703

Director of Nursing: Organizes, plans, directs and evaluates nursing and other resident care services and oversees nursing staff.

Koester Pavilion Director of Nursing: (937) 440-5112(937) 440-5112
SpringMeade Director of Nursing: (937) 506-2702(937) 506-2702

Therapy Manager: Provides day-to-day leadership of our physical and occupational therapy and speech pathology services for patients.

Koester Pavilion Therapy Manager: (937) 440-5145(937) 440-5145
SpringMeade Therapy Manager: (937) 506-2757(937) 506-2757

Director of Business Services: Directs all financial functions and staff in the Business Office.

Koester Pavilion Director of Business Services: (937) 440-5105(937) 440-5105
SpringMeade Director of Business Services: (937) 506-2704(937) 506-2704

Director of Admissions: Establishes and maintains relationships with hospitals, physicians, insurers and community organizations to facilitate residents’ timely admission.

Koester Pavilion Director of Admissions: (937) 440-5103(937) 440-5103
SpringMeade Director of Admissions: (937) 506-2707(937) 506-2707

Director of Social Services: Oversees care planning and provides services to respond to the psychosocial needs of residents and their family members.

Koester Pavilion Director of Social Services: (937) 440-5175(937) 440-5175
SpringMeade Director of Social Services: (937) 506-2706(937) 506-2706

Director of Resident Services and Programming: Plans, organizes and directs activity programming for residents, assuring that activity plans are personalized to each resident’s interests and physical, mental and psychosocial needs.

Koester Pavilion Director of Resident Services and Programming: (937) 440-5170(937) 440-5170
SpringMeade Director of Resident Services and Programming: (937) 506-2755(937) 506-2755

Director of Dietary Services: Ensures that quality, nutritional food service is provided for each resident while directing the overall operation of the Dietary Department according to federal, state and local regulations and company policies and procedures.

Koester Pavilion Director of Dietary Services: (937) 440-5165(937) 440-5165
SpringMeade Director of Dietary Services: (937) 506-2708(937) 506-2708

Dietitian: Completes nutritional assessments for each resident and patient upon admission, develops plans of care and re-evaluates as required, working closely with food service and clinical staff. Also maintains records regarding each resident’s diet history and food preferences.

Koester Pavilion Dietitian: (937) 440-5165(937) 440-5165
SpringMeade Dietitian: (937) 506-2708(937) 506-2708

Director of Plant Operations: Plans, organizes and directs all housekeeping and laundry functions to assure a clean, comfortable, odor-free environment. Also functions as the safety officer for the facility.

Koester Pavilion Director of Plant Operations: (937) 440-5156(937) 440-5156
SpringMeade Director of Plant Operations: (937) 506-2769(937) 506-2769

Staff Development: Facilitates and coordinates all ongoing education and in-service training for staff, as required by state and federal guidelines. Also helps orient new employees to facility policies and procedures.

Koester Pavilion Staff Development: (937) 440-5127(937) 440-5127
SpringMeade Staff Development: (937) 506-2761(937) 506-2761