Neuro Rehabilitation

If you have a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or other neurological impairments, our rehabilitation programs can help. We’ll tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs to ease your daily living, whether that be in your home, a care facility, work, school or elsewhere.

Our Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation program helps bridge the gap between your initial recovery and your return to active functioning for adolescents, adults and the elderly with neurological impairments, who can benefit from therapy that will maximize their independence.

Our Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program focuses on your physical, emotional, social and thinking skills to restore and maximize your abilities.

Our Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program focuses on your unique needs. We’ll help maximize your abilities and prepare you for a return to home and community.

Our Stroke Rehabilitation Program will help you face the challenges that result from stroke and prepare you for life at home and within the community.

Parkinson's Disease Programs

Since 1987, Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT) BIG and LOUD rehab programs for Parkinson's disease have been shown to produce significant improvements. Premier Health’s therapists are specifically trained in LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD therapies.

The Parkinson's Wellness Program (formerly Delay the Disease) is based on evidence that indicates that structured exercise routines can retrain your mind and body to keep you in control. In a friendly, comfortable environment you’ll practice doing exercises that focus on strength training and overcoming specific challenges of Parkinson’s.

Contact Us

Our rehabilitation team is ready to help you get back to the things that matter most in your life. We offer locations close to you throughout Southwest Ohio, in our hospitals and in outpatient facilities. Check out our list of locations, or call the number of the hospital near you to learn more about rehabilitation services in your area.

Atrium Medical Center: (513) 974-4523(513) 974-4523
Miami Valley Hospital CORP: (937) 208-4629(937) 208-4629
Upper Valley Medical Center: (937) 440-4840(937) 440-4840