Rehabilitation often is necessary to ensure a full recovery from orthopedic surgery or other procedures. It can take time and patience, but proper rehabilitation is essential to regaining strength, range of motion, and your safe return to normal activities.

Where Can I Find Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

If you’re hospitalized for an orthopedic surgery, you can expect rehab to begin while you’re in the hospital. Learn more about inpatient rehabilitation.

As you recover at home, Fidelity Health Care can provide rehabilitation services in your home. We also can recommend adaptive and medical equipment to help you safely move about inside and outside your home until you fully recover. If needed, we’ll suggest modifications to your home that will make it safer for you to get around.

Rehabilitation, including physical therapy, also is available at numerous outpatient locations throughout Southwest Ohio.Your physician may recommend you participate in a specialized program like aquatic therapy, hand therapy, or AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Learn more.


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