Test Scheduling, Pre-registration, Price Estimate

To schedule a test, pre-register or obtain a price estimate, please call (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364  or (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364.

Once you are scheduled for your services, if a pre-certification is needed, we will begin that process.

Hospital Registration

Registration Documents to Bring to the Hospital

Outpatients or patients checking in are advised to bring the following documents with them to make the registration process faster and easier:

  • Physician’s order for test/admission if your physician provided one
  • Insurance card
  • ID/driver’s license

Patient Flow Manager

The Patient Flow Manager minimizes wait times by coordinating patients’ movement from one test to another. If patients must wait for a test, they will receive a beeper like those provided in restaurants.

Learn more about registration details at our hospitals.

Registration for Premier Physician Network

Hospital Parking

Facility Directory

We maintain a facility directory listing the name and room number of our patients. Unless you choose to have your information excluded from this directory, the information will be disclosed to anyone who requests it by asking for you by name. This information, including your religious affiliation, if provided, may also be provided to members of the clergy. You have the right at any time during your stay to request that your information be excluded from this directory.

If you choose to be excluded from the facility directory, you will receive no calls, mail, or flower delivery. The hospital will tell callers — including family members and friends — “I’m sorry, this person is not in our hospital directory.”

For reasons of privacy and confidentiality, no information will be revealed to anyone except clergy about a patient who chooses not to be included in the facility directory.