Special Services And Patient Transport

At Premier Health, we offer special services to enhance the experience of patients and visitors.

Dialysis Services

If you are a patient in a Premier Health hospital facility and in need of dialysis services, we will provide those services for you while you are in the hospital.


Through the years, hospital care has changed to bring about a newer type of physician called a hospitalist. A hospitalist is a board-certified physician whose main job is the coordination of care for patients in the hospital and for patients preparing for a hospital stay.

Hospital medicine is the fastest growing specialty in the United States. The Premier Health hospitalist group provides this care at all of Premier Health's hospital facilities. Our team of hospitalists will oversee your inpatient care and might work with other physicians who are part of your care team, such as a surgeon or a cardiologist.

Hospitalists are concerned with a patient's overall health, not just the condition for which the patient has been admitted to the hospital. A hospitalist gets the right specialists involved and also works to properly hand off care to the patient's primary physician or the next caregiver when the patient leaves the hospital. The most important part of a hospitalist's role is to communicate conditions, findings, treatments, and results with all physicians involved.

Intensive Care (ICU)

Premier Health intensive care units are dedicated to providing acute care and treatment to patients after a serious trauma, major surgery, or other serious illness or injury.

Upper Valley Medical Center

With an innovative partnership between Premier Health and Advanced UCU Care, Upper Valley Medical Center now offers a tele-ICU system, which provides monitoring by highly trained intensivist physicians and specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This extra layer of care is designed to benefit critically ill patients with an extra layer of safety provided through an advanced telemedicine system. Learn more about the tele-ICU system.

Pain Management

Pain is one of the most frequent reasons patients seek medical care. The pain management services at Premier Health offer relief to patients with chronic pain.

Palliative Care

Palliative care at Premier Health hospitals is a partnership among the patient, medical specialists and family with the goal to relieve suffering and provide the best possible quality of life for individuals facing the pain, symptoms, and stresses of serious illness.

Patient Transport Services

Premier Health can assist with patient transport needs by wheelchair or stretcherm and our staff will gladly help schedule non-emergent or emergent transports when needed.

Special Needs

Premier Health is committed to meeting the special needs you may have. We have a variety of resources available, including phones for interpreters and the hearing impaired. We also welcome service animals (except in areas with special infection control precautions, such as isolation rooms, surgery or labor and delivery where gowns, gloves, or masks are required).

Your Hospital Medications

For your protection, all medications you take while you’re in the hospital must be prescribed by your doctor, dispensed by the hospital pharmacy, and administered by a nurse. If you've brought medications from home, please give them to your nurse. Once your nurse has documented them, we ask that a family member take them home.