Fidelity Health Care Quality And Patient Experience

At Fidelity Health Care, we are committed to providing high-quality, cost-competitive home care and related health care services to the communities we serve. We work closely with Premier Health hospitals to anticipate, develop and implement new services in home health care. We are an active participant in helping you manage your home care needs.

Patient Satisfaction

You and the care you receive are very important to us. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service. If you have any questions, compliments, or concerns about your care, please let us know.

At times, we may call to ask your opinion about the care you are receiving. We count on your answers to help us provide the best care possible, and we strive to meet your needs. Please offer your comments and suggestions so we may serve you better.

You may also receive a written survey. If you receive one, please complete it and return it in the envelope provided.

Fidelity Health Care employees are guided by a code of conduct that prohibits them from accepting any money or gifts from patients, families, or caregivers. Please help us meet this ethical standard. If you would like to recognize a Fidelity employee, please direct letters of appreciation to the Fidelity office.

Physician Satisfaction

At Fidelity Health Care, we work hard to gain physician confidence in the quality of care we provide to patients. To ensure we consistently meet their needs, we conduct an annual survey of area physicians to solicit input on our performance. We are proud to report our physician scores are high, and we follow up on any concerns identified during the survey process. Working with physicians, we continue to pursue our goal of improved performance and quality home health care.

Fidelity Health Care is Medicare certified, and we have been accredited by The Joint Commission in all of our service areas: Home Health Care, Home Infusion, Durable Medical Equipment, Oxygen and Respiratory Equipment, Clinical Respiratory, Independent Care Services.

Contact Us

To learn more about Fidelity Health Care services, call us at (937) 208-6400(937) 208-6400.