Are You at Risk

Prevent Heart Disease Before it Happens

Are-You-at-Risk_350x350pxHeart attacks happen suddenly, and can change lives or devastate families in an instant. But that moment is the result of internal blockages that can take decades to develop.

Although heart disease rarely reveals itself through symptoms in its earliest and most treatable stages – meaning heart attacks are often the first sign of any heart trouble – those with intermediate risk for heart disease do not have to live in fear.

Having a Premier Health Heart CT, also known as coronary calcium scoring, is an easy way to discover early-stage heart disease before symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath arise.

A Preventive View of the Heart

“Call it the mammogram for the heart,” says Mukul Chandra, MD, board-certified cardiologist at Miami Valley Hospital. “Most lethal conditions have a test that can detect them before they become a real disease. The only test for heart disease that comes anywhere close to a mammogram (for the breasts) is this coronary artery calcium score, so it can pick up plaque buildup at an early, early stage.”

The scan, offered at all Premier Health hospitals and many additional Premier Health facilities throughout the region, produces images that provide a cross-sectional view of the heart so the amount of calcium, or plaque, in coronary arteries can be measured.

“It literally is a window to hardening of the arteries,” says Dr. Chandra.

Plaque buildup narrows arteries, which decreases blood flow. If an artery that supplies blood to the heart becomes completely blocked, a heart attack can result. The amount of plaque built up in your coronary arteries can indicate how at-risk you are for a heart attack.

Early Detection is Key

Without early detection, physicians generally diagnose heart disease later in a person’s life – when it can be expensive to treat or possibly fatal. “And what blows your mind is that 80 percent of what  we (treat) in heart disease is preventable,” says Dr. Chandra.

Detecting heart disease early means doctors can treat patients with less expensive, easy-to-apply interventions, such as medication and lifestyle changes, rather than respond to emergencies with more complex and costly procedures or surgeries.

Measuring a person’s calcium score with a CT scan is quick, making radiation exposure minimal. The imaging test takes less than 30 minutes and involves no needles, dyes, fasting, or exercise.

Don’t wait for chest pain and other symptoms to warn you of trouble – prevent heart disease before it happens.


Premier Health Heart CT

  • $99, payable at the time of your scan
  • Scan can be performed in less than 30 minutes
  • Results will be sent to your health care provider
  • Convenient locations in Montgomery, Miami, Butler and Warren counties
  • Schedule by calling (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364 or (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364

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A Premier Health Heart CT isn’t for everyone. Talk to your doctor to learn if the test is right for you.