Health Literacy

Join Premier Health providers as they answer common questions about health literacy. You'll also find videos and other resources with tips to help you and your family live well and be well.

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Health Literacy

Improve your health literacy with these frequently asked health literacy questions.

Medication Adherence

Changes in the size, shape, aroma, and color of pills can often confuse patients. Learn more about medication adherence and what to do when the look of your medication suddenly changes by viewing our infographic.

Provider and Patient Communication

The quality of a patient's healthcare may depend more upon the quality of communication inside the exam room than the accumulation of scientific facts.  Learn more about how to take a more active approach to your healthcare by viewing our infographic.

What's the Role of an Advanced Practice Provider?

Some people avoid seeing providers who aren't medical doctors. But advanced practice providers can offer most of the same care as physicians. Discover more.