Healing Divides

Feel Good Magazine     Spring 2021

When the American Public Health Association declared racism a public health emergency, Premier Health recognized its responsibility to take action, heal divides, and ensure quality health care for all.

Food Deserts

In some communities, grocery store closures have created food deserts, limiting access to affordable and nutritious food.

A lead gift commitment from Premier Health for the development of the Gem City Market and a donation to Homefull’s mobile grocery store have had a direct impact on food availability and residents’ health.

Infant Mortality

The Ohio Department of Health states that African American babies die before their first birthday nearly three times more than white infants.

  • Help Me Grow Brighter Futures at Miami Valley Hospital provides family support and early intervention services.
  • Premier Health supports the work of Montgomery County’s EveryOne Reach One Infant Mortality Task Force to prevent preterm births, reduce racial disparities in infant mortalities, and reduce substance misuse in pregnant women and new mothers.

“Working in the Neonatal ICU at Miami Valley Hospital, I saw the data firsthand: African American mothers delivering their children prematurely and their infants being at higher risk of infant mortality.”

– Marc Belcastro, DO, system chief medical officer, Premier Health

Health Care Access

  • Since 2015, Premier Health has provided $28 million for medical resident education at Five Rivers Health Centers, a federally qualified health center in West Dayton offering primary and specialty care.
  • Premier Health’s barbershop health partnership increases awareness of chronic health conditions within the African American community and provides health screenings at local shops.
  • A community paramedicine program by Premier Health, the City of Dayton, and the Dayton Fire Department provides in-home health visits, expanding access to health services and reducing the need for emergency room visits.

“These services are making a difference. At Premier Health, we are striving to provide access to care in underserved areas.”

– Andre Harris, MD, chief medical officer and vice president of operations at Atrium Medical Center

Transforming Care

Premier Health employees are taught to understand the challenges that many patients face every day, and they are trained to recognize and address implicit bias.

"We are wanting to meet people where they are. Our mission is to provide education and quality care to our community, no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or religion.”

– Dr. Andre Harris

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