Community Paramedicine

The community paramedicine program is a partnership between Premier Health and the City of Dayton Fire Department that has been designed to provide you with personalized health and wellness support in the comfort of your home. The program will help you manage your health needs, including medications, as well as connect you with primary care physicians, prenatal care, senior care services, and more.

Your care team will be made up of a paramedic and EMT from Dayton Fire. This team will visit your home to identify basic needs, such as food and safety, and develop a care plan that factors in your unique home environment, support, and health care needs.

The community paramedicine team also may work to connect you with community resources that help with housing, utilities, insurance, prescription delivery, transportation, or any other needs you identify as having an effect on your health and wellness.

What To Expect During Visits

Your initial visit will last an hour to an hour and a half. During that time, the community paramedicine team will check your vital signs and review your medical history and any current medications with you. The team will also conduct a home safety check to prevent further injuries, installing smoke detectors as needed. You and the team will then work together to identify your health and wellness goals and develop a care plan to meet those goals. During this initial visit, we encourage you to ask questions and let us know of any concerns you have about your health or home safety.

Follow-up visits should last less than 30 minutes and can take place as often as you and your care team feel is necessary. The team will conduct a shortened version of the initial health assessment, including a check of vital signs; make sure you have been able to access any resources you need; and continue to answer any questions.

Visits will take place Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., excluding major holidays. Appointments will be scheduled; however, there will be some availability for you to request additional visits if your condition changes or other concerns come up.

Completing the Program

You will be successfully discharged from the community paramedicine program once the health goals you set with your care team during your initial visit have been met, and you have been connected with any community resources that you need.

Your participation in the program should last a maximum of 90 days. Re-enrollment in the program can be considered as additional health concerns or wellness needs are identified.

Contact Us

To find out if you are eligible for Community Paramedicine, please contact:

Nathan P., EMT
(937) 287-8609(937) 287-8609

Kendra H., Paramedic
(937) 287-8697(937) 287-8697