June’s Story: Antarctica-Bound Following Broken Hip

June’s StoryThe Rehabilitation Center helped June Owens get ready to have her passport stamped again. When world traveler June Owens goes on her adventure to Antarctica, she’ll be fulfilling a dream that had to be cancelled two years earlier.

After her successful recovery from injuries after a fall, June Owens now walks six miles each day at a local park.

“When I set foot on Antarctica, I’ll be able to say I have been on all seven continents!” June said with enthusiasm.

This trip is especially sweet because June remembers vividly why the initial trip was cancelled — and how she doubted she would ever live her dream.

“My sister-in-law and I had planned an exciting and rugged adventure to Antarctica,” this Middletown resident remembers. “But a fall the day after Thanksgiving made the trip impossible.”

On that day, June, a retired counselor and teacher at Middletown High School, was in her kitchen making candy for a fundraiser. “I was wearing slick bootie type foot coverings and I fell hard,” she said. “I knew I had broken my hip. I heard it crack.”

Serious Injuries, Excellent Care

Her injuries did indeed include a broken hip along with an injured rotator cuff and fractured ribs. Looking back at her experiences, June was glad the paramedics took her to Atrium Medical Center. “It was my first experience at Atrium and was the best hospital experience of my life,” she said.

June received excellent care before, during and after her hip repair surgery

“Being at Atrium’s Rehab Center had everything to do with me getting back to my life,” she reports. “The people, the program and the center itself is all about getting well and getting back as much of your mobility and lifestyle as possible.”

The Rehabilitation Center treats strokesspinal cord injuries, brain injuries,  hip fractures and other conditions that affect the muscular, nervous or skeletal systems. Located on the fifth floor of Atrium Medical Center, all private rooms offer calming, scenic views. There’s ample seating for guests, great closet space, free WiFi access, movies on demand and other amenities.

June and the rehab staff quickly got to work on therapies designed to make a difference in her life.

Personalized Plan for Success

“Therapists worked with June on building strength, increasing endurance, improving her mobility (walking, in/out of bed, in/out of chairs, in/out of shower), stair climbing and safety training,” said Nancy Ray, therapy manager at the Rehabilitation Center. “We work with each patient to develop an individual treatment plan to target their needs and their goals.”

There are five therapy gyms at the Rehabilitation Center. Each contains multiple pieces of equipment to facilitate recovery, including a Lite-Gait ambulation system, Nu-Step cross trainer, Bioness L300 and H200 technology and Dynavision Visumotor Training Device.

June is firm about what therapy has to offer. “Do the therapy!” she recommends.

“Sometimes it may hurt but don’t go home and just sit around. Attitude can be half the battle with rehab.”

The staff was very impressed with June’s determination. And June was very impressed with the staff.

“What a great group of people!” she said. “They took time to learn about me and what I wanted in recovery. Then they taught me the steps to get there.”

Following her stay at Atrium’s Rehabilitation Center, June returned home, with some handy pieces of therapeutic equipment the staff helped her obtain. She continued therapy at the Atrium Family YMCA and has incorporated some healthy lifestyle changes, such as walking six miles a day and losing over 25 pounds.

“As I kept getting better and better, I realized travel was again in my future, even a physically challenging trip like going to Antarctica,” June said. “I am thrilled to be going!”

Preventing Falls

About one-third of people 65 years of age and older fall each year, and those who do fall are two to three times more likely to fall again.

Learning more about preventing falls does work! Atrium’s Trauma Outreach Team offers SLIP, Senior Lifestyles and Injury Prevention program that provides free presentations to the community focusing on fall prevention, home, motor vehicle and pedestrian safety. You’ll learn how to identify hazards and how to take simple steps to correct them.

To bring these education sessions to your group, church or facility, contact Atrium’s Trauma Outreach Coordinator at (513) 974-4713(513) 974-4713.

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