No Referral Needed for Outpatient Physical Therapy

Direct access for outpatient physical therapy services allows you to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without requiring a referral from a physician or other referring provider. Direct access provides convenient, easy, and early access to physical therapy services while also reducing costs, since you don’t have to make an office visit to your health care provider to obtain the referral.

All patients are eligible for outpatient physical therapy services without a referral.

Many insurance companies don’t require a provider referral to be eligible for payment of physical therapy services. Premier Health registration staff will verify if your insurance plan requires a referral before your evaluation. If a physician or provider referral is necessary for payment of physical therapy services, you will be notified so that you can obtain the referral.

We’ll notify your health care provider about your physical therapy evaluation no later than five business days after it occurs.

After your initial evaluation, the physical therapist may refer you to your physician or provider if the physical therapist believes the condition is beyond the scope of physical therapy practice or requires a physician consult or additional testing.

If you don’t make progress within 30 days of the initial physical therapy visit, the physical therapist will consult with or refer you to your health care provider.

Direct access physical therapy is available at all Premier Health outpatient physical therapy locations.

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