Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is provided by specially trained professionals to assess and treat difficulties with:

  • Communication
  • Producing or understanding speech or language
  • Thinking
  • Swallowing

These difficulties may be caused by injury, illness, or health problems. Fidelity Health Care’s licensed speech-language pathologists can come to your home to help improve your communication, swallowing, and/or thinking skills.

Who Can Benefit From Speech Therapy?

Anyone who has difficulty forming clear speech, expressing or organizing words, focusing, reasoning and problem-solving, or swallowing/choking may benefit from speech therapy.

Speech therapy is also helpful for people who have problems understanding language or problems putting words together to communicate ideas. Speech therapy has helped people:

  • With difficulty eating or swallowing
  • At risk for aspiration pneumonia, malnutrition, and dehydration
  • With recurring pneumonia or respiratory infections
  • Who cannot speak clearly
  • Who cannot organize their thoughts to express themselves clearly
  • Who have difficulty with memory, attention/concentration, reasoning/safety/judgment
  • Who have difficulty understanding others
  • Recovering from head and neck cancers
  • With tracheostomies and laryngectomies
  • With neurological diagnoses that affect speech, including stroke (also called cerebrovascular accident or CVA), multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease)

How Can Speech Therapy Help You?

Your speech therapist will schedule an agreed-upon time to come to your home. During this first visit your current abilities, limitations and needs will be evaluated. Together you and your therapist will set goals to improve your quality of life. Follow-up visits include personalized education, therapeutic exercise programs, and treatment techniques and strategies that will be focused on accomplishing your goals.

How Can You Arrange for Speech Therapy In Your Home?

Speech therapists need a doctor’s order to come into the home. As a result, if you believe you would benefit from speech therapy, speak with your health care provider.

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