ROSA™ Robotic Surgical Assistant

The ROSA™ robotic surgical assistant is a minimally invasive device that enhances the safety and reliability of neurological procedures for the brain. At Premier Health, neurosurgeons use the ROSA™ system to plan a surgical pathway before performing highly specific procedures with the ROSA™ robotic arm.

Premier Health’s Miami Valley Hospital is the first hospital in Southwest Ohio to offer ROSA™ Brain.

How ROSA™ Works

ROSA™ is a robot with specialized planning software and a robotic arm.

Before surgery, your neurosurgeon uses the ROSA™ software to:

  • Take a 3D scan of the brain
  • Map out exact pathways needed for the procedure
  • Program the ROSA™ to the exact specifications outlined in the planned pathway

Your neurosurgeon performs your procedure using the ROSA™ robot:

  • The robotic arm replicates the movements of a human arm
  • The arm allows extremely precise positioning and freedom of movement

At Premier Health, we use ROSA™ for a range of brain procedures, including:

Benefits for Patients and Neurosurgeons

When your neurosurgeon uses ROSA™ Brain for your neurologic procedure, you get a pre-planned, highly accurate and less invasive surgery. This improves your outcomes and comfort.

  • Pre-surgical planning scans performed without anesthesia or frames
  • Improved surgical ability to reach the target and avoid damage to surrounding tissue
  • Shorter time in surgery and less time under anesthesia
  • Minimally invasive approach means only one to three tiny incisions are needed

At Premier Health, we believe the best care comes from sharing new knowledge. Our Brethen Center for Surgical Advancement in Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at Miami Valley Hospital is a Midwest training site for the ROSA™ Robotic System.

Our surgeons use the ROSA™ Brain at the Brethen Center for research and to train other neurosurgeons.

For the latest ROSA™ training opportunities, call (937) 208-2239(937) 208-2239.

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