Why Premier Health

Premier Health’s innovative care, advanced technology and research focus lead the way in neuroscience care throughout Southwest Ohio, all at locations close to home. Our expertise includes:

  • Nationally-recognized neuroscience and stroke care programs, including Comprehensive Stroke Center certification
  • Rare team of neurointerventional specialists
  • Research and clinical trials for stroke, neurosurgery, brain cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, concussions and brain aneurysm, through the Neuroscience Institute at Wright State University.

Our team approach means you receive proven neurological care, from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. Our research collaborations mean you get access to treatment options not yet available to the general public. 

Conditions We Treat

The neuroscience physicians, advanced practice providers and surgeons at Premier Health are experienced in diagnosing and treating:

Experienced Physician Specialists

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute team brings together doctors, surgeons, therapists, and advanced practice providers with a broad range of experience. Our neuroscience team includes:

  • Neurologists, both general and specialty-trained, including stroke/vascular neurologists, cognitive/memory neurologists, headache, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease specialists, behavioral neurologists and neuromuscular specialists
  • Neurosurgeons, both general and fellowship–trained, providing subspecialty care in brain tumors, skull-base procedures, vascular, spine, neurotrauma, movement disorders, epilepsy and pain conditions
  • Neurointerventional specialists, providing advanced treatments for stroke and aneurysm
  • Neurocritical care specialists, providing intensive care for neuroscience patients
  • Oncologists, providing brain cancer care
  • Epileptologists/Neurophysiologists, neurologists specialty-trained to treat epilepsy
  • Neuroradiologists, specialists in using imaging techniques to diagnose and treat neurological conditions
  • Neuropsychologists, psychologists who specialize in connections between behavior and the physical brain
  • Psychologists, experts in cognitive, mental, social, emotional, and behavioral processes
  • Rehabilitation specialists, physiatrist therapists who provide care to restore functions such as mobility, strength and speech
  • Pathologists, scientists who study tissues for signs of disease
  • Hospitalists, inpatient doctors who work in the hospital

We partner with doctors in many other specialties, such as trauma, cardiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychology and psychiatry to provide the most appropriate and individualized care. Your complete neuroscience care team may also include many other nurses, therapists, and care providers.

Centers of Excellence

When you come to Premier Health for care, you are within reach of specialized centers focused on specific neurological conditions. The Clinical Neuroscience Institute includes:

Learn more about the award-winning neuroscience care provided at Premier Health hospitals. 

Advanced Technology Improves Patient Outcomes

At Premier Health we embrace technology to give you multiple diagnostic and treatment options for complex illnesses and injuries of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

Our high-tech offerings include:

  • TeleStroke Network. Our stroke team can diagnose a stroke and prescribe treatment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week — no matter where you go for care in Southwest Ohio. The TeleStroke Network links our emergency centers and other regional locations with a secure computer connection, speeding up the time it takes to correctly diagnose and treat a stroke.
  • Pulsara. A smart-device app used by community EMS teams in the field to communicate with hospital stroke teams in real time and provide faster treatment for stroke patients.
  • NEUROne. The private and secure NEUROne video conferencing system lets you, your family and your local care team see and speak with a Premier Health neurologist. An advanced practice provider is at your bedside to answer questions, perform a hands-on exam and assist in assessment, diagnosis and planning for further testing. The NEUROne doctor can interact with you in real time and prescribe tests as needed. NEUROne lets you receive highly specialized neurological care in your home community.
  • Level I Trauma Center. If a traumatic injury affects your brain or spinal cord, Miami Valley Hospital’s trauma team will respond. Clinical Neuroscience Institute doctors, advanced practice providers and a neurosurgery team are on call 24/7 to perform emergency surgery for the most severely injured or ill patients. The Level I Trauma Center at Miami Valley Hospital is the only one in the Dayton region.
  • Neuro Intensive Care Unit. If you or a loved one requires intensive critical care for a neurologic condition, the 36-bed neuro intensive care unit at Miami Valley Hospital provides advanced care. The neuro intensive care team includes specially-trained doctors, advanced practice providers, and nationally certified neuroscience nurses. The neuro advanced unit at Miami Valley Hospital provides specialized nursing and physician care to less critical patients.
  • Level 3 Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Our epilepsy specialists diagnose, treat, and support a range of epilepsy conditions and seizures at Miami Valley Hospital’s Comprehensive, Level 3 Epilepsy Center. Services include an advanced Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, which uses a computer-assisted video EEG monitoring and is housed in the neuro intensive care unit, and our Epilepsy Surgery Program. 
  • Brain mapping. Some neurological health issues require a better understanding about which areas of your brain control certain functions. Our Brain Mapping Center is the first in the Midwest. It allows doctors to understand which areas of the brain are causing seizures. Brain mapping also lets neurosurgeons create highly personalized surgical plans and ensures precision during neurosurgery.
  • ROSA™ Robotic Surgical Assistant. We use the ROSA™ minimally invasive surgical assistant for precise brain procedures. ROSA™’s planning software creates a 3D scan of the patient’s brain and maps out the exact pathways needed for procedures. Miami Valley Hospital is the first hospital in Southwest Ohio to offer ROSA™ Brain.
  • MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound uses sound waves to treat essential tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease with no incisions. The treatment is a single procedure often performed on an outpatient basis.
  • Ekso Bionics®. Ekso Bionics is a wearable, battery operated bionic exoskeleton that uses external motors to move the hip and knee joints. The Ekso helps you perform a full, weight-bearing, and reciprocal walking pattern. Ekso provides rehabilitation therapy and gait training for stroke, spinal cord, and brain injuries and other neurological conditions.
  • RAPID Imaging. We use a revolutionary software program for stroke patients, providing fast analysis of CT scans. This artificial intelligence system checks for blood clots in arteries or veins that can be removed to restore blood flow and function. RAPID imaging opens the door to treatment for patients, hours after the onset of symptoms.
  • Stroke Clinic. We provide specialty aftercare for stroke patients. Doctors and advanced practice providers work with you as you recover from a stroke to prevent future episodes, monitor medicines and restore your quality of life. 

Sharing Our Knowledge

At Premier Health, we believe the best advances in neuroscience come from learning from and sharing our knowledge with others. We do this through health care, academic and research partnerships.

  • Providing Resources. Our Neuroscience Institute doctors partner with doctors from many specialties throughout Southwest Ohio to ensure they have the latest information about caring for patients with neurological issues. We do this by providing Grand Rounds presentations, educational resources and consultations.
  • Translational and Clinical Research. As part of the Neuroscience Institute, Premier Health doctors work with neuroscientists at Wright State University to improve neurological care in the community. Our grant-supported translational research projects investigate different neuroscience disease processes. Through clinical trials, our staff tests new drugs, medical devices and surgical techniques. Some of these trials give new treatment options to qualified patients.
  • Neurology Residency Program. Launched in 2014, the fully accredited neurology residency training program created by Miami Valley Hospital and the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine will grow the number of future neurologists, improving care for Premier Health patients. Medical students also receive training from the Neuroscience Institute through lectures and clinical experience.
  • Trainings in advanced techniques. We train other neurologists, epileptologists and neurosurgeons in the most up-to-date surgeries and treatments for movement disorders and epilepsy, including deep brain stimulation and other surgical options.

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