TeleStroke Network

You can receive care from a Premier Health stroke team 24 hours a day, seven days a week — no matter where you live in Southwest Ohio, thanks to our TeleStroke Network. This means you get the same level of quality stroke care whether you go to a community hospital or a larger medical center.

Rapid Response For Stroke Care

The TeleStroke Network lets Premier Health neurologists quickly assess patients by linking them to regional emergency departments.

If you show signs of a stroke in an ER without an on-site neurologist, the emergency room doctors and nurses connect you to a Premier Health neurologist by a computer — at any time of day or night. The Premier Health stroke specialist can:

  • See you and talk with you in real time
  • Talk with your nurse
  • Order tests
  • View imaging test results

This form of telemedicine lets medical centers without an on-site neurologist rapidly treat stroke patients or quickly transfer patients to a hospital that provides advanced care.

The TeleStroke Network lets you stay in your home community for care whenever possible. You’ll be assigned a nurse navigator, who partners with you to make sure you receive the right follow-up care and get answers to all of your questions.

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