Patient Guide

Across Southwest Ohio, Premier Orthopedics offers you the skilled expertise to manage the full range of orthopedic problems with care designed for your body, your goals and your life. That means you get a treatment approach that’s as unique as you are. You may contact the office most conveniently located to you for an appointment, or request to have your referring doctor’s office schedule one for you.

Your Visit

Please keep in mind that all minors must have a parent or guardian with them.

Be sure to bring these to your appointment:

  • Completed registration form
  • Copies of X-rays and other diagnostic studies (CT/MRI) that were done outside of a Premier Health facility
  • Current list of your prescribed and over-the-counter medications
  • Driver’s license or other photo identification
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Payment for any co-pays, deductibles or co-insurances
  • Plan to wear clothing that will be comfortable for you and allow for your doctor to do a physical examination.

What to Expect

During your visit, we will measure your height, weight and blood pressure and review your health history and any medicine you are taking. Your Premier Orthopedics doctor will conduct a thorough examination and review test results related to your health problem, including those you brought and those that may be recorded in your Premier Health electronic health record. Your doctor may order additional tests. In most locations, we can perform digital X-ray scans onsite.

Getting a diagnosis for your health problem and your doctor’s recommended treatment are the first vital step to healing. But you have a big role to play in full recovery. You will receive a personal care plan, and your Premier Orthopedics team can provide guidance and educational materials to help ensure your success. 

If you will need care from other specialists or subspecialists, your Premier Orthopedics doctor will make that referral.

After Your Visit

You will receive instructions for how to take the next steps in your care. These may include:

  • An order for more diagnostic tests (MRI/CT/EMG)
  • A prescription for physical therapy
  • Prescription medications to manage your symptoms
  • A recommendation for a surgical procedure, if needed

If your doctor recommends surgery, our scheduler will speak to you during your visit or contact you to arrange for that appointment.

Billing and Insurance

Please verify your insurance coverage before your appointment. You can find a list of the major insurance plans accepted by most Premier Physician Network practices online

Premier Orthopedics accepts most of these insurance plans.

You can also find more details about our billing and payment processes online. Premier Physician Network's customer service team is happy to answer your questions about billing and insurance.