EMS Certification Renewal

Once you’ve successfully completed EMS training and received your certification from the state of Ohio, renewal is required every three years. The Ohio Department of Public Safety, Emergency Medical Services Division establishes and maintains renewal requirements.  Learn more.

The Premier Health EMS Academy offers EMS continuing education (CE) to meet the requirements of the State of Ohio and National Registry for recertification.

Reference the following for EMS CE offerings:

  1. EMS Courses (AHA, ITLS), Or
  2. Continuing Education Calendar, Or
  3. Distance Learning Continuing Education Library

Per the OAC an accredited or approved institution offering a refresher program shall provide for regular evaluation of student performance and achievement through written and practical examinations, prior to issuance of a certificate of completion.

Ohio EMS Recertification Requirements

There are 4 ways to renew your EMS certification/license in Ohio.

  1. You must possess a current and valid NREMT license and submit it to the state, Or
  2. Complete a refresher course plus additional continuing education (CE) requirements in accordance with state standards for your level of certification, Or
  3. Using CE only complete the Ohio minimum CE requirements in accordance with state standards based on the length of the certification cycle, Or
  4. Testing in Lieu of CE. The examination must be at your level of certification, taken within the last six months of the certification cycle, and successfully completed within three attempts.

The continuing education (CE) hours listed below are based on a 3-year cycle (36 months) or more between the effective date and expiration date:

  • EMR - 15 continuing education hours.
  • EMT - 40 continuing education hours (or 30-hour refresher + 10 CE).
  • AEMT - 60 continuing education hours (or 40-hour refresher + 20 CE).
  • Paramedic - 75 continuing education hours (or 48-hour refresher + 27 CE).
  • If your certificate expires before 36 months, please look for your different continuing education hour requirements here.
  • For the mandatory Ohio Dementia Awareness training (at certification and every renewal cycle that follows) and /or Ohio Trauma Triage (mandated once) and /or the Ohio Rescue Task Force (RTF) course (mandated once) go here.

To renew your certification, please fill out the application by following this link.

Additional Information

Ohio EMS Provider Levels: EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic

State Contact Info: (800) 233-0785  Go to State Website

Course List Recommendation: Depending on your EMS level, and the number of months between your license effective date and expiration date, please find out what courses you need within what topic click here.

Advice for Recertifying Students: All individuals must maintain their records, do not depend on your agency to maintain them for you. 10% of individuals are randomly selected for auditing statewide each month. If audited, you must provide all relevant documents including CE certificates to the state DPS EMS Education Division auditor. It is recommended that you keep your records for 2 recertification cycles, or 6 years. FAQ for certification audits click here.

NREMT NCCP Model: Ohio does not follow the NREMT's NCCP model.

3rd Party Records Collection: Ohio does not use a 3rd party records collection to track CE hours.

Rules On Accepted CE Course Length: The minimum length of a course accepted in Ohio is 0.5 hours (25 minutes).

Accepted State Approved CE Providers: Ohio does not have a list of approved CE providers; however, they accept all CAPCE accredited courses in addition to CE’s promulgated by an Ohio accredited or approved institution.