Adam Deardorff, MD, PhD

Deardorff HSAdam Deardorff earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.

Dr. Deardorff is a neurology resident. Prior to joining the Clinical Neuroscience Institute, he served a teaching assistant for multiple courses at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine.

He authored the following publications: “Development of emotional intelligence in a Team-Based Learning internal medicine clerkship” co-author, Medical Teacher, Sept 2012, 34(10):802-806; “Lateral superior olive function in congenital deafness” co-author, Hearing Research, July 2011, 277(1-2): 163-175; “Expression of postsynaptic Ca2+activated K+ (SK) channels at C-bouton synapses in mammalian lumbar alpha-motoneurons” co-author, Journal of Physiology, Feb, 2013, 591(4):875-897; “Assessing first year medical students attitudes of the effectiveness of Team-Based Learning” co-author, Journal for the International Association of Medical Science Educators, July 2010, 20(2): 68-72; “Swimming against the tide: Investigations at the C-bouton synapse” co-author, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, Sept 2014, 8(106): 1-17; “Sound stimulation modulates high-threshold K(+) currents in mouse auditory brainstem neurons” co-author, European Journal of Neuroscience, Nov 2010, 32(10): 1658-1667; “Redistribution of Kv2,1 ion channels on spinal motoneurons following peripheral nerve injury” co-author, Brain Research, Feb 2014, 1547(1) 1-15; “Actively-dependent redistribution of Kv2.1 ion channels on rat spinal motoneurons” co-author, Nov 2016, 4(22): e13039 1-11; “Muscle proprioceptors in adult rat: Mechanosensory signaling and synapse distribution in spinal cord” co-author, Journal of Neurphysiology, Aug 2017, 1-20; “Complex impairment of IA muscle proprioceptors” co-author, Journal of Anatomy, Aug 2015, 227(2): 221-230; “Developing a research-focused learning community at one medical school” co-author, Medical Science Educator, April 2011, 21(1S): 98-103.

He enjoys running, playing guitar and the ukulele, and music.