Transfer a Patient

To transfer a patient or arrange for transportation to a Premier Health facility, call the appropriate number below. All services are available 24/7.

At each location, a nurse or coordinator will:

  • Arrange a immediate physician-to-physician consultation (sometimes through the use of Qualified Medical Personnel as defined by policy)
  • Determine if an incoming patient already has a relationship with another physician at the facility to help ensure continuity of care

CareFlight Air and Mobile Intensive Care

Around-the-clock transportation for critical care patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics, is provided by Premier’s CareFlight and Mobile Intensive Care Units. To arrange for CareFlight or the Mobile Intensive Care Unit, call the Access and Transfer Center at (937) 208-2340(937) 208-2340.

The CareFlight program includes four Dauphin helicopters, among the fastest in the region. Each helicopter:

  • Can accommodate two patients
  • Is staffed by two critical care flight nurses
  • Covers a 150-mile radius from Miami Valley Hospital. Any request beyond 150 miles will require approval by the CareFlight director or vice president. Assistance is available for arranging fixed-wing transportation
  • Is available 24/7, 365 days a year

Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs) provide expert critical care on the ground:

  • Six MICUs are ready to transport your patients
  • Each can accommodate two patients
  • Staffed by a flight nurse, a critical care paramedic and EMT driver
  • Covers a 75-mile radius from Miami Valley Hospital. Any request beyond 75 miles will require special approval by the CareFlight Air and Mobile director or vice president
  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year

Important notes:

  • Call the Access and Transfer Center to assist with arranging transportation at (937) 208-2340(937) 208-2340.
  • The sending physician is responsible for determining the mode of transportation.
  • During transport, Premier retains the responsibility of patient care.
  • CareFlight Air and Mobile can transport patients with intra-aortic balloon pumps, ventilator, high risk obstetrical patients, direct to the operating room capability, and other specialty transports.
  • If you have a high risk obstetrical patient and need to speak to the maternal fetal medicine physician, call the CareFlight Communication Center at (800) 251-CARE(800) 251-CARE.
  • Premier CareFlight Air and Mobile Services provide the most cost-effective critical care transport in the state.

To arrange for CareFlight or MICU, call the Access and Transfer Center at (937) 208-2340(937) 208-2340.