Adjustable Gastric Band

The adjustable gastric band is an effective tool for weight loss that doesn’t involve as many side effects as other weight loss procedures.

The band is a constricting ring that your surgeon at Miami Valley Hospital places around your stomach to reduce the amount of food it will hold at one time. The goal is for you to feel fuller faster, so you will eat less. This is purely a gastric restrictive procedure in which your surgeon makes small incisions, inserts a laparoscope and tiny camera, and uses special surgical tools to place the adjustable band around your stomach.

If you need an adjustment to the gastric band later, your surgeon can do that during an office visit.

Procedure Advantages And Disadvantages

An adjustable gastric band procedure is reversible and works only to help you eat less. It doesn’t interfere with absorption of food. The procedure has both advantages and disadvantages as compared to other weight loss surgeries:


  • Fastest recovery
  • Reversible
  • Band can be adjusted at an office visit
  • Procedure usually leads to a 40 to 50 percent loss of excess weight
  • Less risk of hernias


  • Weight loss is more gradual
  • Risk of leaks and bowel obstructions
  • You must avoid eating junk food
  • Overeating and under-chewing can cause vomiting

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