Karen’s Story: Friendly Staff Helped Karen Get Back On Her Feet

Karen Blocher was cooking breakfast in their camper on August 15, 2008. Unbeknownst to her, there was a gas leak under the camper. When she lit the stove, there was an explosion. Karen, her husband and grandson were all badly burned, but Karen took the brunt of the explosion. An emergency squad took Karen and her husband by CareFlight to Miami Valley Hospital, where they immediately transported Karen to the Adult Regional Burn Center.

Karen was sedated the first month at Miami Valley Hospital because of the intense pain. Her second month at Miami Valley Hospital was spent in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. When she arrived there, she was not able to do anything for herself. The staff told her that they would have her walking in two weeks. Karen was skeptical. “I was so weak from being in bed for two months.” Persistence on the part of the staff and Karen paid off. She was able to walk with a walker in two weeks.

Karen continued with therapy at CORP (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program), along with hand therapy, through March 2009. Karen’s progress was enhanced by a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Karen’s hands and arms were severely burned, and the hand therapy helped her immensely. “The staff seemed to be understanding of my discomfort. They were right there. They tried to stay ahead of any pain that I might have encountered.”

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