Education and Support

If you and your family are seeking additional education and support for burn and wound care, Miami Valley Hospital’s Adult Regional Burn Center offers a support group and articles about various types of burns and wounds.

Burn Center Support Group

Burn injuries can be traumatic for injured individuals and their families. The road to physical and emotional recovery may be long, and we understand that the emotional toll is sometimes as great or greater for the family members who are helping their loved ones to cope.

Miami Valley Hospital’s Burn Support Group, offered the first Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m., provides hope and healing to individuals in post-burn recovery. This group is facilitated by burn center staff, with much of the support coming from former burn-injured individuals and their families. You can discuss your questions and concerns with others who have walked the path you are walking.

The meetings are open to all individuals with past or present burn injuries and their families. Each meeting will start with a topic that is important to burn recovery, followed by topics that are important to those attending the meeting. 

November 1, 2022Why Does My Healed Burn Itch?
December 6, 2022Scar Management After Burn Injury
January 3, 2023Social Interaction and Social Activities After Burn Injury
February 7, 2023Exercising After Burn Injury
March 7, 2023Managing Your Pain
April 4, 2023Understanding and Improving Body Image After Burn Injury

You can join in person at Miami Valley Hospital Burn Clinic conference room, NW3, at Miami Valley Hospital,  or join virtually. To join virtually, email, and a meeting link will be sent to you.

For more information, call (937) 208-6166(937) 208-6166.

Burn and Wound Education

Learn more about burn and wound care and how to proactively help keep your home safe from the danger of burns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about burn and would care.

What Are the Different Degrees of Burns?

Learn the four degrees of burns.

How To Avoid and Treat Electrical Burns

Electrical burns may seem minor, but they can cause severe internal damage. Learn what to do and how to avoid them.

Don’t Get Burned

Take precautions in your home and outdoors to prevent burns and fires during the summer months and all year.

Don’t Get Burned by Homemade Slime

Some chemicals can produce heat and cause skin irritation when they are combined. Take safety precautions when making homemade slime.

The Dos and Don'ts of Burns

Don't take burns lightly. A critical countdown begins the minute a person sustains a burn to their skin. Learn more about the types of burns and the dos and don'ts of treatment by viewing this infographic.

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