The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio

The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio – a Premier Surgical Oncology service – gives you the surgical and interventional oncology specialists and resources you need to fight liver cancer.

Our team understands the complexities of this disease, including how a large number of liver cancers aren’t discovered until an advanced stage. That’s why we bring together surgical and interventional oncology specialists to collaborate and tackle each individual case so we can design the best possible treatment options for you.

You can count on our highly coordinated, collaborative, comprehensive care throughout your liver cancer journey.

Our Unique Coordinated Care Approach

From the moment you contact us, we mobilize to bring you convenient, effective, personalized care.

We coordinate all surgical and interventional oncology specialists you need in your fight against liver cancer. In fact, you’ll consult with both a surgeon and interventional radiologist during a single office visit.

We stay connected with you throughout your treatment and continue to personalize therapy to address your unique liver cancer.

Our multidisciplinary approach with surgical and interventional oncology makes us the only program in Ohio – and one of only a few in the country – to combat liver cancer in this way.

Our Collaborative Team

At The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio, you have a whole team behind you, providing the care and compassion you need and deserve, including the surgical oncologists Matthew Doepker, MD and James R. Ouellette, DO, FACS.

We work closely with interventional radiologists, oncologists, gastroenterologists, primary care physicians and other care providers throughout your cancer journey.

Multidisciplinary Care Benefits

We coordinate multiple specialists who focus and collaborate on your liver cancer treatment.  Team-based care provides patients with these benefits:

  • Convenience and expertise all in one center
  • Collaborative physicians who provide expedited care and treatment
  • Patient-centered approach for high-quality care
  • Access innovative, comprehensive care
  • Efficient, less fragmented care for an improved patient experience

Comprehensive Liver Cancer Treatment

Our physicians specialize in a variety of surgical and interventional procedures to treat liver cancerDrawing on our extensive experience and using advanced medical tools and facilities, we perform:

  • Laparoscopic and open liver resections
  • Staged or redo liver resections
  • Ablation therapy that can kill tumor cells without removing the liver. With these techniques, physicians can access complex, hard-to-reach areas using traditional or laparoscopic surgery or CT guidance. Ablation may be recommended for patients who are not good surgical candidates. 
    • Microwave ablation uses heat generated by microwaves to kill a tumor that’s not removable or when removal would damage liver function. Microwaves are more predictable in heat generation and faster to use than radiofrequency.
    • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treats tumors by heating and destroying cancer cells. In use for more than 20 years, RFA is the original heat ablation technique.
    • Irreversible electroporation (NanoKnife®) uses localized electric currents to destroy cancer cells. This technique can be used in many soft tissue locations, especially when heat techniques cannot be.
  • Hepatic artery (HA) chemoembolization: Chemotherapy is put directly into the hepatic artery via a catheter. Then the artery is plugged so the chemotherapy can stay close to the tumor.
  • HA yttrium-90 microsphere radioembolization: Small beads that have a radioactive isotope (yttrium-90) attached to them are injected into the hepatic artery. Once infused, the beads lodge in the blood vessels near the tumor, where they give off small amounts of radiation to the tumor site for several days.
  • Pre-liver resection portal vein embolization
  • PTC catheter and/or high biliary stent placement

How to Reach Us

The Liver Cancer Center of Ohio is located within the Premier Surgical Oncology suite at Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville.

Call (937) 438-8600(937) 438-8600 to schedule an appointment.

2300 Miami Valley Dr., Suite 350
Centerville, Ohio 45459