Midwifery Care

Lifestages believes that a woman’s choice to see a midwife is a very personal decision based on shared values. Midwives help guide the birthing experience while empowering you to develop your own birthing plan and make your own decisions along the way in critical areas such as pain management.

While midwifery is traditionally associated with care during pregnancy and birth, Lifestages certified nurse midwives, like our physicians, also offer routine care for women throughout their lifetime – from young adulthood to menopause. We also provide education, counseling and support to meet our patients’ physical and emotional needs and enhance their overall well-being.

Many women choose to receive gynecologic care from their midwife after delivery because of the close relationship established during the birthing process. Some patients, however, begin seeing a midwife long before they become pregnant, and others begin after their childbearing years.

Lifestages midwives are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Time and time again, patients tell us that their close and trusting relationship with a Lifestages midwife has given them a new perspective on what women’s health care can and should be. Working with a midwife has helped them reach deep and discover what is truly important to them.

For more information about Lifestages Midwifery care, please contact us.