Diversity And Inclusion

At Premier Health, we understand that we all represent diversity. For us, diversity is the sum of our visible and invisible differences. This is our commitment to excellence, and another way we take care to a higher level.

Premier Health’s Diversity Statement

At Premier Health, we understand that we all represent diversity, and leadership drives inclusion. For us, diversity is the sum of our visible and invisible differences. Diversity in our organization allows us access to a much wider range of problem-solving skills and generates new and sometimes unexpected results. That’s because our greatest strength lies in embracing our differences.

Inclusion offers our employees, our patients and their families, as well as our community the opportunity to experience our commitment to taking care to a higher level by positioning the patient and their family at the heart of what we do. At the core of our commitment to diversity is respect for the inherent value of all individuals. As such, treating everyone with dignity and respect is a fundamental and changeless expectation.

Our commitment to serving with compassion is top of mind in every interaction, every decision, and in every opportunity. As we seek to understand others, we improve the quality of our relationship and in doing so, we build bridges of understanding as building blocks in building a healthier community.

What This Means …

For Employees

We strive to create a culture of inclusion by demonstrating that we value our employees through our behaviors, practices, and actions. We take our commitment to diversity and inclusion seriously by putting forth the effort to understand what makes our employees feel included. We welcome and encourage new ideas, different styles of thinking, flexible work environments, and different types of leadership styles. We leverage our differences to achieve better results. When our employees feel connected and empowered, it serves as the underpinning in delivering exceptional care for our patients.

For Patients And Their Families

Patients can expect that we will seek to understand their frame of reference, acknowledge the interconnected role of community and family, and provide care that is respectful of, as well as responsive to, their diverse needs.

We work to identify and reduce health care disparities that most impact the patients we serve in our communities. Every three years, Premier Health and thirty area hospitals work collaboratively to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Southwest Ohio. We aim to align our priorities with the top community health needs identified in the assessment, while providing services that aid in addressing structural and systemic barriers that impact the surrounding community. 

Seven health issues achieved consensus as high priorities in the CHNA, and they align with Premier Health’s approach to community health, which has focused on substance abuse and mental health; hunger and food insecurity; physical literacy and chronic disease; and infant and maternal health. Learn more about our strategies and investments to address these critical health needs of our community.

For Suppliers

Offering diverse suppliers to our network leverages the core values of fairness and equal opportunity for everyone. We understand that diversity in suppliers creates economic inclusion that improves the lives of the community we serve and enhances the financial vitality of the region.

For the Community

We are our community, and our community is us. Our care lives here. We are not separate and apart from where we live and whom we serve, but intertwined in the relationship we have in the community. Our commitment to provide our community with the highest level of health care and resources to create and maintain healthy communities stands firm in the face of ever-changing needs. 

We are committed to ensure that all of our hospitals are inclusive and welcoming to everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to make a difference in the lives of our patients and continue our tradition in every aspect of patient care.

We Live Our Values of Inclusion

Every day provides us an opportunity to live what we believe by what we do. We live our values by respecting people for who they are, honoring others’ opinions, providing a voice to employees in decision making, and promoting healthy, constructive dialogue. We derive value through different perspectives on problems and different approaches to address solutions.

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