Orthopedic Service Line Optimizing Patient Experience

Premier Pulse     July 2023

By Kelli Ashbeck, director of surgical services and orthopedics, Premier Health

Efforts are ongoing to optimize the experience for patients needing total hip and knee replacement surgery. Convenience and quick access are key for these patients during their time of pain, discomfort, or limited mobility. Key highlights include:

  • Same-day discharges for total joint procedures. In most cases, patients discharged on the day of their procedure can begin their recovery from the comfort of their homes.
  • Advanced robotic-arm assisted knee and hip replacement procedures, using ROSA® Knee and Mako SmartRobotics™.
  • Multiple sites of care options for clinic appointments, surgical procedures, and physical therapy. Premier Orthopedics has 10 offices in the region, total joint procedures can be performed at any of Premier Health’s hospitals, and there are 18 outpatient physical therapy locations to choose from.
    • New location: Brown Street (Premier Orthopedics and Physical Therapy)

We are also excited to announce two initiatives within the orthopedic service line that further demonstrate that Premier Health serves as a one-stop shop for comprehensive patient services.

  • The Running Medicine and Performance Program can help runners of all skill levels overcome injuries and optimize performance. The program offers a wide range of services for a customized treatment plan, including running-specific evaluations, running injury rehabilitation therapies, and strength training for runners. An order can be placed in Epic using “Consult to Premier Ortho – Runners Clinic” to submit a referral.
  • The Cartilage Restoration Center at Miami Valley Hospital South can treat all knee cartilage injuries to help prevent further damage that may lead to osteoarthritis and the need for joint replacement surgery. The center offers surgical and non-surgical treatment solutions to reduce pain and restore mobility. To submit a referral, an order can be placed in Epic using “Consult to Premier Ortho – Regenerative Knee Clinic.”

Providers or patients interested in additional information about Premier Orthopedics’ services can call (937) 312-1661(937) 312-1661.

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