Premier Health Group Providers

Welcome to Premier Health Group (PHG). We collaborate to cover all specialties to provide our patients with comprehensive, coordinated medical care.


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Provider Partnerships

Premier Health Group's information center provides education on health care topics.

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Premier Health Group Select

Premier Health Group Select will enable health care providers to join together in a high-performance network to provide high quality care in an efficient way.

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COVID-19 Resources

View an updated list of resources with information for providers about COVID-19.

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New Provider, Changes of Address, and Deletions

Fill out the New Provider/Change of Address/Deletion Form to do one of the following:

  • Add a new provider from your group into Premier Health Group
  • Add or change a location address due to a move
  • Delete a provider from your group
  • Delete an address from your group

For Non-Contracted Providers

Federal regulations permit a non-contracted provider, on his or her own behalf, to file a standard appeal for a denied claim only if the non-contracted provider completes a waiver of liability statement. This waiver of liability statement provides that the non-contracted provider will not bill the enrollee regardless of the outcome of the appeal.

Premier Health's core values are respect, integrity, compassion and excellence. Every board member, employee, physician, affiliate and business partner of Premier Health plays an important part in this organization demonstrating those values. This Code of Conduct was designed to assist you by increasing your awareness of general compliance issues and business ethics as they apply to healthcare.