How to Apply for the Dietetic Internship

Admission Requirements

Application to the University of Dayton Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition Program (MDN) and Premier Health Dietetic Internship (PDI) is open to students entering their final year of study in an ACEND accredited undergraduate didactic program in dietetics. Applicants must be accepted by both the MDN and PDI programs to be offered an acceptance letter to the MDN/PDI program. Applicants will complete one application through the U.D. Graduate Admissions portal for the MDN program

Application and admission to the program is first offered in the fall through direct application to the UD graduate portal. In the likely event that positions for the MDN/PDI program remain after this selection, applications will be accepted through DICAS/D&DDigital.

Application Timelines


  1. Application portal opens September 1 with application deadline November 1 of final year of study
  2. Notification letters sent out December 1
  3. Confirm with $1,000 deposit to PDI by December 15

Important Note: Applicants must be able to matriculate into the graduate program by June 1 in order to complete the summer of online graduate courses required for this program. This requires the student to graduate in May and to receive the signed verification statement from their DPD Director with a signed date no later than May 30, prior to beginning the program .

Admission Minimum Qualifications to Apply

  • GPA: minimum 3.0 overall GPA
  • Science grades: C+ or higher; B- or higher preferred
  • Professional Dietetics course grades: B- or higher

Work Experience

Evidence of 200-hours minimum nutrition-related work experience. (A minimum of 100-hours paid documented experience with up to 100-hours of documented nutrition related non-paid experience in which student made significant contributions to the development and/or delivery of nutrition related services is considered as meeting this requirement.)

Service to the Profession

Examples: Actively participates as a member of the Student Dietetic Association (SDA), has an executive position on SDA, serves the undergraduate dietetics program as a research or teaching assistant, works on other projects that support the mission and goals of the undergraduate dietetics program, leads/participates in a nutrition related project that impacts the community or fellow dietetic students.

Leadership Experience

Examples: Executive position in a university or community organization, job with high level of trust and responsibility assigned to position, mentor in any setting, leadership of groups outside of the classroom setting. 

***Note any experiences required for a course***

Required Documents for the Application

  1. Intent to Complete:
    • The Intent to Complete form is completed by DPD Director. The DPD Director will upload this document directly to the MDN/PDI Application Portal.
  2. Personal Statement
    • 1000-word limit
    • Address the following: Your interest in dietetics and journey to prepare to successfully complete the internship, graduate school and practice in the profession of dietetics; strengths and area of growth over the past four years of undergraduate study; a goal you would like to accomplish during your time in graduate school and dietetic internship as well as one for your career; and how these programs align with achieving your goals.
  3. Resume following template in application portal
    • No more than two pages
  4. GRE for external candidates only
  5. Transcript with clear identification of GPA as total, professional, and science. This can be a DICAS printout.
  6. Letters of Recommendation (3)
    • Three letters of recommendation are required, one from each of the following: DPD Director, Medical Nutrition Therapy Professor, Work Reference. If two of these are the same person, add an additional reference from your faculty or organizational advisor – do not include a personal friend as a reference
    • Applicants will request a letter of recommendation through the online application process
    • An email with an attached recommendation form will be sent to your designated reference
    • The person completing your letter of recommendation will complete the required form and then upload it to the application portal
  7. Attestation of Professional Image Policy

Content updated December 2021