The Need: A Healthy Beginning for Every Baby

Preventing Pre-Term Birth

Fact: Babies born before the 37th week of pregnancy face a host of physical and mental disabilities as well as life-threatening medical problems.
Progress: In 2010, only 5% of babies delivered at Atrium’s Family Birth Center were premature, down from 8% the previous year. The national average is 12%.

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Help Endure a Loss (HEAL) Program

Fact: It is a sad truth that some infants will die at birth or within just days or hours after birth. Suffering under a burden of profound grief, the mothers and families of these babies need – and deserve – immediate and ongoing emotional support.
Progress: Last year, Atrium’s HEAL program helped 30 mothers and families cope with the loss of a newborn by providing a private, comfortable gathering space, infant mementos, ongoing support groups and, when needed, interment assistance.

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Breastfeeding Education and Promotion

Fact: Mother’s milk gives newborns the best nutrition for growth and development and also protects them from certain allergies and illnesses. In addition, breastfeeding strengthens the mother–baby bond and offers some significant economic benefits.
Progress: The Family Birth Center is committed to increasing the number of patients who choose to breastfeed their babies.

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Family Birth Center Innovations

Fact: Today’s mothers-to-be expect options and pampering as part of the birth experience.
Progress: When Atrium Medical Center opened in 2007, the Family Birth Center upgraded to
private birthing suites and modern security measures. Now the center needs to add enhancements that will keep Atrium a preferred destination for maternity care.

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