In-Home Cancer Care

When the demands of cancer are greater than your patients and their loved ones can manage alone, Fidelity Health Care’s in-home cancer care services help with symptom management, emotional support, identifying community services, and more. Here’s how we can help your patients.

Fidelity Health Care provides expert, compassionate cancer care services focused on managing your medical needs and helping to ensure your best quality of life — in the comfort and privacy of your own home. We work closely with your doctor to make sure we’re delivering the best individualized treatment plan for you. We’ll give you the medicines you need and help to reduce the impact of any symptoms that might bother you during your cancer treatments.

Is In-Home Cancer Care Right for You?

You can benefit from in-home cancer care, if:

  • You need post-surgical wound care
  • You are receiving chemotherapy
  • You need help managing your symptoms

What Services Does Fidelity Health Care Provide?

  • Our nurses will help you manage your symptoms and give you the medicines you need, including infusion therapy, when the fluids and drugs your doctor has prescribed are delivered through one of your veins.
  • We will answer your questions, and we’ll make sure you understand your illness, your medicines, and the treatment you are receiving.
  • Our medical social workers can advise you on managing issues that can sometimes arise when you’re dealing with an illness, including financial counseling, caring for your physical needs, managing the costs of drugs, and getting help for depression or anxiety.
  • We can teach your family members, or a caretaker, to help with your treatment and managing your symptoms.
  • Our Pharmacy Services work closely with our nurses and your doctor to provide the fluids and medicines you need for your in-home chemotherapy.

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Premier Health offers an extensive network of experienced cancer specialists, close to home, who welcome your referrals. Find a cancer specialist best suited to your patient’s unique needs.