Clinical Trials

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary. Some volunteers in the trial receive the new treatment, therapy, or drug that is being tested. Other volunteers receive the standard treatment, or no treatment at all. When the trial ends, researchers use the results to determine if the new treatment/therapy/drug is more or less effective than the standard. If the researchers conclude that the new therapy is proven to work better, the volunteers who received it during the clinical trial would be among the first to benefit from it. 

Clinical trials follow strict guidelines and must be approved by a hospital institutional review board. This board is an administrative body that protects the rights and welfare of human research subjects who participate in research activities. The board ensures clinical trials meet specific standards of science and ethics to protect participants’ safety and well-being. 

Open Oncology Clinical Trials

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Premier Health has a robust infrastructure in place to support research and clinical trials. Learn more about governance, the application process and the Institutional Review Board.

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